WORLD CUP 2023 LEGENDS Rules Summary

The CCUSA Tournament, herein referred to as “The Tournament”, shall be governed by the ICC Standard T20 International Match Playing Conditions and by the MCC Laws of Cricket  2017 (released September 2022), and the Special Conditions of the CCUSA shall apply except where specific in the Playing Conditions.

Note: All references to ‘Governing Body’ within the Laws of Cricket shall be replaced by ‘CCUSA Tournament Rules Committee’. The Tournament Committee reserves all rights to alter the Tournament format and/or structure as deemed and make necessary by circumstances beyond the control of the Tournament Committee, including but not limited to grounds, weather, and light conditions. The tournament is hosted by Cricket Council USA.

 All players and officials taking part in CCUSA Cricket events agree to the rules & regulations outlined. Any player or team in breach of the rules, spirit of cricket or bringing CCUSA Cricket or the game into disrepute will be terminated from participating in the CCUSA T20 Cricket tournament. 

All participants players, coaches, training staff, management will be required to sign the waiver forms provided by the CCUSA.

Tournament Date:

  • Tournament will start on the December 6th, 2023 and end on December 8th, 2023.
  • All teams must arrive on December 5th by 4 PM.

Tournament Format

Team: 4 teams

Pool: Teams in 1 group.

Competition Format:  Teams in each group will play Round Robin matches within the group (3 matches)

Playoffs Qualifiers                                                                                                         

  • Top 2 teams in group will advance to the Playoff.

Playoff Match-ups chart

Top1 vs. Top 2
Position 3rd/4th
Top3 vs. Top4

Team Composition

  • All players must be over 50 Yrs. only Two (2) players over 45 Yrs as of December 31, 2023.
  • Each side shall consist of 13 players, Fielding 11 players, (11 Bat, 11 field), one of the players shall be the captain.
  • The captain shall provide the player nomination sheet consisting of names of the 13 players, players can be substituted anytime with no restrictions.
  • Umpire will submit the list to CCUSA TOURNAMENT committee (Match Referee/Official)
  • Power Play: First 6 overs of Power Play where only two fielders are allowed outside the 30 yards circle. Five players are allowed outside the 30 Yards circle for the rest of game (Overs 7-20). Game will be played from one side only.
  • No player may be changed from the 13 nominated in the list after the toss without the consent of the opposing captain.
  • No player (member of the playing eleven) may be changed after the toss without the consent of the opposing captain.
  • Only those nominated as substitute fielders shall be entitled to act as substitute fielders during the match
  • All those nominated including those nominated as substitute fielders, must be eligible to play for that team and by such nominations the nominees shall warrant that they are eligible to participate in the CCUSA Tournament.
  • In addition, by their nomination, the nominees shall be deemed to have agreed to abide by all the applicable ICC/MCC and CCUSA Regulations pertaining to international cricket and in particular, the Clothing and Equipment Regulations, the Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel hereafter referred to as the CCUSA Code of Conduct and ICC Code of conduct, ICC Anti-Racism Code for Players and Player Support Personnel and ICC Anti-Doping Code and the Anti-Corruption Code

Tournament Schedule

  • Tournament will start on the December 6th, 2023
  • Toss will be done 45 minutes before the match start time.
  • Before the toss Captain will submit the team nomination list to the umpire coordinating the toss. 
  • All teams must play their scheduled match on the exact scheduled date & time
  • No request will be accepted for amendment to the date and/or time.
  • If the team arrives late for the match, overs will be reduced for the that specific team only.

Duration of matches

 The matches will consist of one innings per side and each innings will be limited to 20 (six balls) overs.

  • Total time to bowl 20 overs per inning is 1 Hour and 20 minutes (4 minutes/over or 80 minutes total)
  • A minimum of five (5) overs to be bowled to the team batting second to constitute a match.
  • Teams cannot declare their innings close.
  • Allotted overs in each inning must be completed within the specified allotted time.
  • In case of overs bowled short by the scheduled time of close of innings (in either innings), umpire may close the inning, Umpires will use the D/L to calculate the target for the 2nd inning
  • Second innings overs cannot be more than the maximum allowed overs of first innings.

The Toss

 The captains shall toss for the choice of innings, on the field of play and in the presence of the CCUSA Official Umpire who shall supervise the toss. Will take place earlier than 45 minutes, no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled or any re-scheduled time for the match to start.  The captain of the side winning the toss must notify the opposing captain as soon as the toss is completed of his decision to bat or to field.

Delayed Start due to late Arrival of the team

                 Whether batting first or second, team is not entitled to the number of overs that are lost during the delay. means team that is not late will receive full 20 overs for bating (first or second)

  • For example, If the delay is twenty (20) minutes in a regular match, then the maximum number of overs the defaulting team will face will be reduced to (85 – 20)/4.2 = 16 overs. 
    • The Power Play overs will be adjusted accordingly 
    • The team that has arrived on time is not penalized; 4 bowlers allowed bowl maximum 4 overs

*Note:  It is umpire’s discretion to enforce the rule. 

Rained out situation and unexpected delays.

If tournament is affected by rain or unexpected delays following rules may be applied.

  • Monday and Tuesday following the final day are reserved as rainout days in case the tournament is affected by the rain and full day of play is rained out.
  • In case of rain or unexpected delays affect the day, matches may be played with reduced overs.
  • If full day is lost due to rain or unexpected delays, all remaining matches in the round robin stage may be played with reduced overs as determined by the tournament committee.
  • If tournament is affected by the rain or unexpected delays for more than a day or two, tournament may be extended by 1 or 2 days to ensure the completion of the tournament.
  • Tournament committee will make the final decision on all situations and the committee’s decision will be final.

Prize Money

Teams that qualify to receive prize money must be present at prize distribution ceremony at the conclusion of the tournament with at least 9 of the team’s players dressed in team uniform to collect the prizes. Failure to comply with the guideline will result in the team forfeiting the prize money. 

The IRS requires us to collect a w9 from each of the prize winners.

Rained out situation Prize Distribution

  • If the tournament is whole tournament is rain out before Play-off:
    • No refund of entry fee and distribution of prize money.
 Prize Money (Original Discussion)
1st $       5,000.00
2nd $       1,500.00
3rd$          600.00
4th$         400.00
Prize Money  $   7,500.00

Tournament committee:

  • Tournament Committee reserves the right to change the schedule as needed.
  • The committee’s decision is final and binding on its absolute discretion to impose any penalty by way of warning and/or fine and/or reprimand and/or suspend the participants in respect of the tournament.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. All players must be over 50 Yrs. only Two (2) players over 45 Yrs.
  2. Every player taking the field in the tournament must be on the team and CCUSA registered list.
  3. NO Exceptions will be made to the above rules regarding player participation as a “declared player”
  4. The player/player support personnel who have been suspended/banned in accordance with the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel are not allowed to participate in the tournament in any capacity.